You’ve probably heard the phrase, “become your own banker before.” But do you know anyone who uses the techniques to becoming your own banker?

I joined my good friend, Richard Canfield to talk about the Infinite Banking Concept and how I’ve actually used in it my life, for example, setting up education funds for my children and creating a retirement plan.

❖ [00:04:23] What Inspired Me To Implement The Process Of Infinite Banking?
❖ [00:10:58] Advice For People Researching IBC
❖ [00:18:32] Can IBC Survive A Pandemic?
❖ [00:28:45] How Does It Feel To Be in Control?
❖ [00:36:03] Most Reflected On Part of Nelson Nash’s Book

I’ve tried a few other things too, such as investing in real estate, specifically second mortgages which pay ME every month. I’ve created policies that create cash flow, that pay me every month…every day even.

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I can tell you from my own experience, that it is possible.

Thank you, Richard and Jayson, for having me on the podcast and letting me share my experience.

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