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“From the moment I started dealing with Curtis, I knew everything was being done by someone that I could trust. All the while being extremely, professional, knowledgeable, punctual and friendly. All very important aspects that Curtis considers just important as I do. When first dealing with Curtis I had the opportunity to shop around. No need to look any further! Curtis knows his stuff.”

Jason Bullough

Bolo Construction & Design Ltd.

“Curtis was able to succeed where other’s had failed. He was able to work through a difficult deal and keep my realtor on task. Curtis would be my first phone call if I wanted to pursue the purchase of any property.”

Perry Wilderman

Owner, Morgan K Landscapes

“Curtis helped me in the acquisition of my first home. He gave me insight and knowledge into a subject that I knew little of at the time. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a mortgage broker as he is highly knowledgeable and very personable. I will definitely continue to work closely with him.”

Allen Bekolay

Marketing Representative, Casa Energy Services

Why don’t we have a chart or the lowest posted rates like every other mortgage company?

The lending environment has changed greatly in the past few years, and rates today depend on many more variables: How much of a down payment you have, whether your mortgage will be insured, what your credit score is, and how severe a payout penalty you’re willing to risk. These are just a few of the variables that make up your final rate.

So rather than us posting the absolute lowest rate possible on the assumption that every variable works out in your favour, let’s talk so we can determine what your particular situation is and what your rate might look like.  We’d much rather do that then publish a rate you’d be disappointed if it wasn’t available to  you.  It takes a conversation with an industry professional to explain the pros and cons of any rate being offered.

Call or email us today so we can discuss your personal situation.

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